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YouTube has over a billion page hits per month. That is a massive amount, and is one of the reasons why Google were so quick to buy it. It is also the reason why YouTube has become so commercialized and why it has also instigated programming that stops people from scraping certain YouTube videos from the site. It is also a nice place to promote your products and your brands if you do it right. Otherwise, it may be a nice place where you may waste a lot of money, only to have nothing to show for it.

Create a Tutorial Video

This is one of the most lasting videos to create if you want people to come back to you over a long period of time. That is why so many tutorial and teaching videos are on YouTube. It’s because people know that there will always be somewhat of a need for them in the future. The problem only arises if you are creating tutorial videos for your products that then expire. You may have a tutorial for your new app, but when that app is replaced then there is little need for your tutorial. Luckily, it just gives you an excuse to make a brand new tutorial video.

If you do not sell something that you can demonstrate in a tutorial then give tutorials that include your products. Cut vegetables with your quality knives, or paint your toy creations with your range of paints. There are lots of situations where you may create tutorials that in some way use your products.

Create a Library of Interesting Posts

When you look at the YouTube videos on the social media site, look at the profile name of the person who uploaded the video. If you click on their name then you are taken to what is similar to their own library. You can see the videos they have uploaded and the play lists that they have created. You can even see who they are following, which is fun if you find out they are following the vlog of a scantily clad young woman.

Since you are running a professional YouTube profile, it is recommended that you be very careful whom you follow, as this will reflect upon your credibility and online reputation. When people see your library, they should be pleased at the sight of all the interesting posts they can try. The more they watch your videos then the more they start to like you.

Do NOT Mis-label your Videos

This is more of an addendum to the previous tip. Do not try to make your library of videos seem more interesting than they actually are. You create a lot of enemies when you write video names that do not describe what is on your video. The YouTube spamming regulators are crap, but eventually if enough complaints are lodged they will delete your account. So, do not intentionally mislead people with your video names.

Link to your Own Website via your Video Posts

You can do this on the description section, or you can do it within the video in some cases, but that is not recommended as people do not often click those annoying popup things. You can also add links into your comment section if you take the time to comment on your own videos. By linking to your website you are able to allow people to find your website without having to type anything into Google or the browser address bar.

Comment on your Own Videos

As it mentioned in the tip above, it is a good idea to comment on your own videos. It may help to start a string of comments, or may keep another conversation going. Online intercourse is not restricted to places such as Twitter, Facebook and forums. It can happen in many places, and one of them is on your YouTube comment section. The person you convince on there via your comments may be just as important as the business person you have been trying to impress on LinkedIn all of the time.

Create a Demonstration Video

Do not just demonstrate how your juicer machine can squeeze oranges because that is boring. Show your juicer getting blood from a stone! Show people something that they are not going to see on other YouTube videos. Show them things about your products that other people would not think to show. For example, show a soccer player kick a ball at 90mph at your triple-glazed Windows, only to see the ball bounce off in slow motion. Show your mobile phone being used under 20 feet of sea water.
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