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Cycling is a great way to stay fit and have fun, and it has become even more popular in the UK since the London Olympic Games. Since cyclists are active in cities and have to share the road with lorries, the logistics industry has a definite interest in keeping them safe, too.

CEMEX has taken a leading role in its sector to ensure that its vehicles are properly equipped and its drivers have proper training to reduce the risk of accidents. The company has also invested in educating cyclists about the dangers of getting too close to large vehicles. Its management and staff understand that everyone has to share the road and that cyclists and drivers have a responsibility to ensure their own safety.

Installing safety equipment on all large vehicles is one strategy which will reduce the number of cyclist injuries and fatalities. The use of sensors, mirrors, and side guards will make it much easier for drivers to see cyclists.

Safety Tips for Cyclists

Cyclists should not assume that they have been spotted by a driver. They should take the initiative to make sure that they can be seen while cycling. Wear bright clothing during the day and reflective clothing at night or when the weather is raining or at dusk will help.

Bicycle lights are required for any night riding. The lights must conform to a recognized standard.

Do not cycle up the left side of a lorry which is stopped at a junction. The driver will not be able to see a bicycle approaching from that side.

Don't stop too close to the front of a stopped lorry. Stay away from the lorry's front near side. If the lorry approaches from behind, move forward enough to stay within the driver's field of vision.

Stay within a visible position at lights or advanced stop lines. This is approximately three meters out in front. Do not stay by the left kerb or close to the lorry.

Staying behind a lorry may be the safest place to be while on a bicycle. If a cyclist does have to overtake a large lorry, the safest place to pass would be the right-hand side so that the driver can clearly see the cyclist.

The large gap between the position of the lorry and the kerb can present a risk to cyclists. When making a turn, large lorries move to the right before swinging sharply to the left to complete the motion. Cyclists need to be constantly on the alert when on the road.

Cyclists should also beware on older road surfaces, remedial asphalt repairs - with bitumen - creates small, smooth or ‘slick' areas that can catch out the unwary cyclist, especially in the wet. Under some conditions, these patches are just as hazardous as the unfilled cracks.

By staying alert and anticipating possible safety issues in advance, cyclists and lorry drivers can share the road in a safe manner.
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