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Do you have spare time? Want to make new accessories out from the trash? It's just so easy! Think of how tire interior could be more useful. Yet, without throwing it on your trash bin or burn the thing that may also cause pollution. So, upcycle it in the most significant ways. Here, we brought this new phone holder. A space saver gadget organizer. Just hang your phone inside of it while charging the battery. Get a piece of rubber by asking the nearest vulcanizing shop. However, if ever you have someone who is working, especially a car mechanic. Well, you know? You can have it for FREE! So, if everything is ready. Let's draw, cut and fold.

Image of DIY Phone Holder

Things Needed for the Project

  1. Tire Tube (interior)
  2. Scissor
  3. Pen/Ball Pen
  4. Illustration Board (or thick paper)

Three Easy Steps

  1. Using pen and a piece of illustration board. Draw a pattern, as seen on the image below. Make sure that the circles are totally fit the size of your mobile phone. Then, cut the outline using a scissor.
  2. Place the ready-to-use outline on the top of tire tube. Trace the pattern which will replicate the same outcome.
  3. Cut the outline made on the surface of tire tube using scissor.

Image of Steps on Making Rubber Phone Holder


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