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Is there life on Mars? After all the remains of the dry streambed and other evidence shows that water once flowed on the red planet. And that water have the right makeup to support life as the Curiosity rover found it. When it drilled below the planet's surface. But we're talking about the past. Can martian life still exist today?

Mars Water Can Be Poisonous?

Image of Mars Environment

Well, orbiting cameras have gathered evidence that the planet currently has liquid water. But, in order to remain in liquid form it maintains a high salt content. Far from supporting life it may be poisonous. On the other hand, some experiments suggest microbes could still survive on Mars. For example, some microorganisms from our planet had driving conditions that mimic the martian environment. In 2009, an experiment suggested that methane found on Mars could be coming from living organisms. But, until we find concrete evidence. We'll just have to keep asking David Bowie's 1971 question, "Is there life on Mars?"
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