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Have you noticed and asked yourself why do flamingos stand on one leg? By answering this question, it could take one minute of your life to make you smarter. Well, anyone else out there might searching for the answer on the internet.

It may sound like some kind of animal cliche. May even a misconception like to believe that it should just stick their legs in the sand. But, NO!
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Flamingos Facts and Myths

It turns out that flamingos not only really did support themselves on a single leg much of the time as do many other birds. But, behavior is peculiar enough that scientists have struggled to explain it.
  1. There bunch of different theories. One of which is that the birds are simply resting one of their legs. So they're more limber and get a running start when a predator approaches.
  2. However, a study of captive Flamingos at the Philadelphia Zoo in 2009. The research found out that flamingos resting on one leg were actually slower to get started from a standstill compare to that the birds that were standing on two.
  3. So, scientists kept observing in the hopes of finding more clues. Finding for example that it's done by both males and females. However, the birds don't show a preference for standing on one leg or the other.
  4. But, they did discover that flamingos are significantly more likely to stand on one leg when they're standing in water than when they're standing on land. The behavior was much more common in cold weather than on warm.

Therefore Legs are Concluded!

Finally, the prevailing theory is that flamingo stand on one leg to regulate their body temperature.

Even in tropical places where flamingos naturally lived. Water wakes away much more body heat than air. So. limiting the amount of body mass that underwater can help the bird stay warm and conserve energy.

It has to take its one leg in stepping it up into their warm-goosey-fussy body. It's like they're sticking in there pocket up there. Cute, isn't it? Like humans who put their hands inside their pocket for no reason.
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