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The birth of a new baby is a joyous occasion for the family. Be a part of the celebration and express your warm wishes by sending the parents a wonderful newborn baby hamper.

Newborn baby hampers can be assembled at home or ordered online from professional companies. You need not fear that by ordering online, you are going to lose the personal touch. There are various options available so that you choose the ingredients of the hamper- their size, nature, colour etc and also engrave personal messages on the gift items.

Hampers for New Born Babies May Contain the Following:

Fresh Flowers: Sending a hamper filled with fresh flowers is a great way to congratulate the couple on the birth of their new born. Colourful flowers can brighten up hospital rooms or nurseries and add an air of festivity in the life of the family. Fresh flowers are available for next day delivery. They may be simply tied together using a silk ribbon by the florists and packaged in such a way that they can withstand the rigours of being sent by post. Apart from the usual roses, there is a wide variety to choose from like Gladioli, Orchids, Carnations etc.

Chocolates: Sending a hamper filled with chocolates expresses the joy of welcoming the new born. You can get homemade chocolates marketed by the store or branded chocolates like Mars, Kit Kat or Lindt. Belgian and Swiss chocolates are much valued for their luscious look and taste. Packed in a Bollotin box, secured by silk ribbons, chocolates can be delivered to the doorstep of any home in the UK. To add value to chocolates, the company follows the process of tempering and moulding. This results in perfectly made chocolates of the right shape and texture.

Gifts: A hamper full of goodies for the new born is very popular. Stuffed toys like a teddy bear is well liked by many parents. Also one can send clothing like baby dress, booties, or bibs. Plastic items like ducks, basins, seating, high chair, plate, spoon etc can also be gifted. One can also combine chocolates, flowers and gifts into a single hamper and pleasantly surprise the parents.

Cakes: Fresh and moist cakes can be ordered for next day delivery anywhere in the UK. Rather than mess up your kitchen trying to bake a cake, one can order it online. The cake boutique of online companies offers a wide variety of cakes to choose from. For instance, cup cakes are becoming popular because they are easy to handle and provide the chance to create different types of icing. Icing is a definite factor and online companies offer hundreds of icing ideas to suit your taste and budget.

Balloons: Send new born baby wishes by a hamper of balloons. Festoon the nursery with colourful balloons engraved with personal messages to the baby. Apart from the usual blue or pink, you can send balloons in other colours like yellow and orange.

These are some of the ideas for sending hampers for the newly born.

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