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This infographic looks at some of the most beautiful celebrity interiors of the rich and famous. You don't have to have a Hollywood budget to recreate these looks. Any budget and any preference can take inspiration from these looks. These five famous faces all have completely different and unique styles but all execute their respective looks effortlessly.

Quirky actress ZooeyDeschanel channels her own personal Retro style in her home too with her bright blue living space. Her musical background is also apparent from her choice of decor. Soulful singer Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine has created a vintage haven in her London home. The mixture of prints, textures and vintage pieces all combine to make her home shabby chic. Ellen DeGeneres and wife Portia Di Rossi have kept it cool with their sophisticated yet interesting home. The couple's consistent, neutral colour palette throughout the house gives them room to decorate with interesting pieces that don't look out of place from Victorian furniture to African artwork.

Actress, Drew Barrymore has opted for statement colours throughout her home with a bold red front door and all white crockery in the kitchen. Barrymore also creates a homely feel by making artwork out of personal photos. Adam Levine, the only man featured in this info graphic and lead singer of the band Maroon 5 has created a dark and well-designed Bachelor Pad. Choosing a black feature wall in his bedroom and black and white artwork, Levine creates a cool masculine look. In the kitchen adding to this, all stainless steel features complete the crisp, clean design.

This infographic also features tips for each look if you want to create them yourselves. Have a look below and pick your own favourite.

Image of Beautiful Celebrity Designs

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