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Warehouses are an integral part of world trade and export. They play an important role to facilitate the storage of goods and are used globally by a variety of manufacturers, importers, exporters, wholesalers, logistics businesses, customs operations, etc. Warehouses typically take up a lot of ground space and as a result are often located on the outskirts or peripheries of towns and cities. It is usually optimal if they are close to a main transport network such a national road, port or airport to facilitate their role in foreign trade if that is appropriate for the items they store.

Warehouses are usually well designed to allow for ease of access for all vehicles especially those loading and unloading to the warehouses. This is facilitated by the existence of specially designed loading docks to load and unload goods from trucks in an efficient manner.

Inside the warehouses, efficient space is fitted with specialist equipment; cranes and forklifts which allow for the easy transfer and movement of goods. It is good warehouse management to have a system in place to keep things in order. This will ease the day to day running of the warehouse. In today’s fast moving business environment where online retailers rely on efficiencies in logistics good warehouse management is vital. Most warehouses would use some form of palletising and racking in order to keep their warehouse well managed to ease the overall operations.

The size of warehouses has changed significantly in recent years. Reasons for this include the expansion of many economies such as the Asian market. The rapid growth of online marketplaces has necessitated increased capacity in terms of warehouse space worldwide also. Online retailers have a wide range of goods available to their customers and as a result require sufficient storage space to be able to fulfill customer’s orders. This infographic explores some of the largest warehouses in the world and gives an indication of what they hold.

Image of Infographic The Biggest Warehouses Around the World

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