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Aside of being "man's best friend." Pet dogs play huge role for humanity. Meet Dr. Eddie, a 5-year old labrador and one of the doctor dogs of the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). Dr. Eddie including other dogs were trained to perform Animal Assistance Therapy.

How Did the Concept Started?

Image of Doctor Dogs ng PAWS Dr. Eddie
The idea of Doctor Dogs Program come up with the help of Jill Robinson. And accompanied with the Animal Asia Foundation in Hongkong as part of pursuing for animal protection and welfare in China. Through the program, group of PAWS people and doctor dogs goes in different cancer wards and institutions. To entertain, encourage children and adults that are hospitalized for diseases—bringing happiness to overcome their situation.

The Reseach Found

Based on the study conducted by Duke University of Canine Cognition Center. A simple cuddling on pet dogs can ease stress hormones and blood pressure.
  • Dogs engaging a playful spirit. So, facing personal problems can be an easy task.

Most patients with complication due to the numbers of diseases said, that they can face each morning hopeful together with their pet. Before this type of therapy becomes widely known. Some developed countries such as America had already used it for threatment.
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