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Last year was really a tough one. Philippines went through different challenges. But no matter how far, regardless of race, whether poor or rich, people around the world once again proved that HUMANITY exist and it's always. Thus, as a Filipino I salute you for helping us particularly after strong earthquakes and super typhoon like Yolanda. Which extremely left the country with countless destruction. With your help we found some ways to move on, straight and forward! Maybe this is the best way for us to express our sincere gratitude. Again, maraming maraming salamat po.

Most of survivors received clothing, food, social assistance like those activities which helps children and adults forgetting the complexity experienced from the past disasters.

Globe Help Philippines

Network providers here in the Philippines participated as well. Offering free calls and text to their subscribers. The "Bangon PH'' first initiated by Globe was a great response to our affected countrymen. Free text led the way to contact and speak to their love ones. As well as the programs that they intended to get donation. Globe subscribers can send donation by texting specific keywords and amount or use Globe Reward Points instead.

Thumbs up! A simple reason why I choose to become Globe subscriber for a lifetime. I'm certain Globe will last forever. #GlobeWonderful2014

Why Everything Seems Unadequate?

However, with all asisstance allocated. Why everything seems to be incomplete and still not enough? People are keep asking the same question again and again. “If there is one thing you can give to the Philippines, what is that gift?”

When I was a kid, there's just some kind of eagerness inside me. All I wanted is to become a superhero. I guess because it's easy to help needy when you got super powers. But that's not possible! I'm not a super human after all.

Beside, just like other super heroes. Having super power means a lifetime responsibility.

My Little Gift; A Speedy Turtle House!

So, going back to the question if there is one thing I can give to the Philippines, what is that gift?

Well, I will give each and every Filipino family a Turtle House. The thing that never get old, self-restoring and can stand against the test of time.

Image of House Turtle

We already aware how important this turtle shell to itself. Like a typical land or sea turtle. They carry the shell wherever they go. It can swim, submerge, gives air to breath below the surface. Amazing, isn't it?

Turtle House which I think is a good concept. Come to think about it. A house that can travel, protects you in different harsh season, either rain, flood and scorching summer sun.

Good thing about the turtle house? Wherever and whenever you've been caught by the night time. You can step back, relax and sleep.

I want my turtle house with antenna, packed with computer inside, some equipments, food and of course share it with the whole family.

Do you know why there is an antenna? Because I wanted to have a turtle with WiMAX included. Hahaha...

Hi-Tech Turtle Guy

So, in the future when you do believe of reincarnation. If you see a turtle that has an antenna at the back. Don't hesitate to take a closer look and talk too. Maybe that's me! Wow, a little turtle with WiMAX on-the-go. Hahaha...

Let’s extend our gifting and make this start of the year another gifting season! Let’s all make a wish that will go a long way.

Help create a wonderful Philippines. If you’d like to volunteer or make a donation, visit

Happy wishing!

Anyway, just like me. Do you have some unique idea to save and help Philippines? Then, leave us your comment below. :-D

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“If there is one thing you can give to the Philippines, what is that gift?”

"A music player so all Filipinos for once can listen to music and be inspired by these beautiful creations solely made to make our hearts jump in joy and happiness. After all our country needs one thing and that is eternal happiness."


I wish those wishes to be granted and concept of yours becomes fruitful. In the first place these were meant for good purposes. Anyway, if I have a gift for Philippines that would be ''plants and trees''. Indeed, restoring the balance between environment and nature could somehow help avoiding the same misfortune. Also, trees bear fruits and you know... hardwood can stay for many years. We just need to take care of them the way they protecting us.


I want to give PH ways on how oil from Cebu becomes useful. Imagine if Philppines has its own oil products. No to price hike and this could lessen poverty rates.


I would like to give the Philippines the gift of faith. Faith not just in terms of religion but faith in everything they were dealing as nation, and as a country. Faith that everything will soon be alright and will fall into its place. Faith that the government will be less corrupt and more in service. Faith that the church will continue to lead its community to the right path with the values instilled in each and everyone. Faith that will someday, a Filipino will wake up in the midst of silence where there's no war between military groups and rebels. Faith that broken heart caused by family separation will be healed. Faith that everyone will have an access to right education. Faith that in this world full of hate, there's still love that will always prevail. Faith that in every bad things happening around, there's always a reason to find the silver lining.


Great post. :)

Since I support Globe’s PROJECT WONDERFUL for 2014, my gift to the Philippines is to help ENHANCE Project Wonderful via the acronym H.O.P.E. so more help/assistance can reach our fellow Filipinos, and this project can give them inspiration, and more importantly, HOPE.

With Globe’s Project Wonderful, I can fuse my ideas with the existing system to ensure Filipinos are given enough help and a boost of HOPE. The gift of HOPE are enhancements to the current and existing GLOBE PROJECT WONDERFUL which aims to provide help and inspiration to our fellow Filipinos.
HOPE stands for:
H – Help Others to Help Others
O – Overcoming Obstacles
P – Post it! Appreciation Board
E – Education for Sustainability of efforts


tahanan ang nais kong iregalo kung kakayanin. basic necessity kasi ito. at mas kailangan ng nakakarami. dito kasi nagsisimula ang pag hubog sa ating mga kabataan kaya nararapat lang maging matibay, maayos at matiwasay ang pagpapalaki sa mga anak.


A great leader is my gift for my entire country, a leader who has good gifts and substantial qualities that are innate. For the millions of Filipinos in need of good leaders and hungry of good governance, a Gift of Leadership is primarily what our country needs the soonest. As we enter this newyear, we need to face the future with the gifts of faith, hope, strength, enlightenment, healing, wisdom, and forgiveness. And for that, having a leader armored with a great gift of leadership will gear our country towards a better life, a better future, and a better Philippines. #GlobeProjectWonderful2014 may aid us to provide organizations that will train and prepare to equip our young generation of today with knowledge and skills about nationalism and leadership. Globe’s wonderful projects in a joint collaboration with the Department of Education may lead to the realization of my dream. If children cannot go to school, let us bring school to children. More mobile classrooms (academic and trade) and more and mobile libraries are needed to facilitate accessible education that will surely help in honing more leaders and innovators. I also wish that my gift be turned into reality, but my question is how? How could I gift my country a leader with great qualities? Well, I could never ever be able to do that. But as a public school teacher, I could train and teach our young people to be one. Remember, "Teachers can make and unmake a child." So I thought of one way to help my wish be realized. With the aid of #GlobeProjectWonderful2014, We could distribute a lot of free books to different colleges and universities about effective leadership, good governance, team building, and other books on building a better nation for college students. We could organize groups in all secondary and tertiary schools that will be supervised by Globe people whose mission and vision focus on quality leadership and helping the ones in need. We could also make and distribute big story books about loving our country to preschoolers and primary pupils. With all these, the young Filipino generation will truly be inspired and understood what nationalism is all about.

My wish would also then be realized by training and leading our nation's future leaders. Hence, I would also love to be an instrument and a leader of #GlobeProjectWonderful in rebuilding schools. A school is an anchor to a strong community that shapes great national leaders. I already signed up at because I want to be a part of Globe's wonderful projects to the Philippines in rebuilding schools where our next responsible frontrunners, innovators, and government leaders will be fashioned.


If there’s one thing that I can give my dear country that would be …. The gift of Health. I want to do a medical mission with the help of Nuffnang Philippines and Globe thru #GLOBEProjectWonderful2014

Health is wealth. No amount of money, time and effort can ever, ever, bring the best of your health back, once it’s gone.

In my 6 years of practice as a nurse, I have seen how our healthcare system struggles to provide quality care for our countrymen, may it be in manpower, medicines, or equipments both in the community and hospital.

I’ve seen people deteriorating day by day because they can’t afford to go to a doctor. I’ve seen patients die because their families didn’t have enough money to buy basic medicines. I’ve also seen families giving up their sick loved ones and literally, waited for their last breathes, since they cannot afford another day for the life support of the deteriorating loved one.

I am believing that we can do something about this. One of those needy, ailing, indigent patients could be your mom, dad, granparent, relative, dear friend, loved one…

In short, we are all CONNECTED, one way or another. So it is not just a matter of “about them” because it is ABOUT US — ALL OF US.


My wish that I want to gift for my beloved country is a gift of, Reconstruction of Public Schools. I strongly believe that with the help of Nuffnang Philippines and Globe thru #GLOBEProjectWonderful2014, this wish of mine would be granted.

There are a lot of structures has been damaged with the typhoon Yolanda last November. Specially those schools that had been the evacuation area for the family that has survived that incident. I wish that before the school year starts this June 2014, students would be excited to come back to school and learn again. In this simple way WE can lessen the burden that they gone through, and perhaps forget it for a moment. When they see that they're school is beautiful, there would feel a bit of Hope, even if its the slightest glimpse of Hope, surely they would realized that soon enough everything would be Okay.

For as long as there are people/organization would willingly make this project happen, nothing is impossible. If everyone of us wholeheartedly extend our help to the needy we can surpass every trials that comes along. #ProudPinay