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Bacolod is one of the most visited provinces in the Philippines. With the many attractions that are found here, it’s not so difficult to understand why tourists are so attracted to the place. However, there’s more to Bacolod than just tourist attractions. In fact, here are some reasons why some tourists even want to take up residence in Bacolod.
Image of Bacolod: City of smiles
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Warm Hospitality

The people of Bacolod are warm and welcoming. They are very accommodating and generous with their smiles. It’s no wonder tourists instantly fall in love with the whole place. On top of these, the people of Bacolod are no strangers to foreigners. In here, people are treated equally with respect and courtesy, regardless of whether you are a local resident or a visitor.

Unique Balance of Commercialization and Nature

Despite being a relatively commercialized area, Bacolod is one of the few remaining Philippine real estate that has preserved its close ties with nature. In fact, its Mambukal mountain resort, which is just around 31 km from the town proper, is known internationally for its rapids, falls, and extensive forests.

Also, you can see the local government’s concern for biodiversity in the area as its forest and ecological foundation biodiversity conservation center continues to study and preserve the flora and fauna of the region.

It’s a wonderful balance between modern life and the laid back nature-living that is absent from the busy and overly industrialized metros.

Values Deep Cultural Heritage

Bacolod is also known for cherishing its deep cultural heritage. From the museums, to the cathedrals, to the plazas, the ruins, and the old heritage houses, its cultural diversity and history lives on in the structures that surround the people there. Heck, every year Bacolod still celebrates its famous Maskara festival of smiles to show the whole world how the Filipinos will never lose the happiness in the hearts.

Affordable Cost of Living

Living in Bacolod is quite affordable. Even if it has been partially commercialized already, the cost of living in the region is still comparatively less than in Metro Manila.

In fact, a house and lot in Bacolod will probably cost 2x to 5x less than those in Manila, even though they are usually cleaner and quieter.  The delicacies are also very good but inexpensive, while commute and traffic remain manageable.  In other words, the simple living in the province leads to less wasteful habits thereby allowing you to save up for more important expenditures.

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