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Fruits are wonderful food items that should be a regular part of the diet. It is very important for people of all ages to have a type of fruit daily so that they are fit and healthy. As a matter of fact, most health experts and dieticians do recommend their patients to have food regularly at a specific time. Also, it is necessary to have different types of fruit so that they get the necessary proteins, fibres, minerals, etc from them that are required by the body. However, there are some myths that are connected with the fruits. However, there are some myths that are followed by some people, which are given below.

If an apple juice of one glass and orange juice of one glass is drunk, then it counts to about two fruit servings: A 200 ml glass of fruit juice that is 100% tends to could just once in the five-a-day target for vegetables and fruits, irrespective of the number of times, the individual consumes it. The reason is that fruit juice has less fibre in it.

Some types of fruits are much healthier than the others: Various types of fruits comprise various amounts of minerals, phytochemicals and vitamins. A better way to be sure that the individual gets the complete range of every beneficial compound is by eating a huge variety of fruits. While planning meals, it would be better to aim in filling up the plate with colours, like that of the rainbow. It is important to have at least 1 fruit or vegetable serving in a day from every colour band, in order to stay healthy and fit.

Fruits having pesticide residue in it increases the chance of cancer: Health experts are of the opinion that benefits related to health are associated with consuming plenty of vegetables and fruits and tends to outweigh any type of potential risk that arises from pesticides.

Organic fruit comprises of more vitamins than the fruits that are grown with the help of pesticides: Several studies that are conducted on different types of fruits in different conditions have clearly shown that organic fruits contains greater vitamin and mineral levels while other researchers have proved that no significant difference is found among such fruits. Every fruit, whatever be the type, it is grown does have useful phytochemicals, minerals and vitamins.

Bananas are fattening: It is a known fact that bananas contain somewhat more calories than other type of fruits. One small banana is said to contain about 76kcals. However, they are just not high in the amount of calories and certainly not fattening. They indeed make a wonderful snack and are quite rich in Potassium and Vitamin B6.

Some fruits like tropical fruit and watermelon have very high Glycaemic Index. Hence they are best avoided: GI is just a single measurement that makes food healthy. Various other factors like vitamin content and fat amount are quite vital. Watermelon is a rich source of anti-oxidants.

A basket of fruit is sure to make a good gift for any occasion and is welcomed by people of all ages.

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