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Do you live in North America? Your holidays might have been interrupted by a little something called the polar vortex. Which has been blamed for sending arctic air as far south as Texas. Polar vortex which creating frost quakes, giant crazy balls of ice in the great lakes, and the lighting is everywhere.

Science Behind the Polar Vortex

The polar vortex is not an events and it's not something that TV weather folks just came up with. It's been studied by climate scientists for decades.
Image of Polar Vortex

Actually, it was first identified in the late 1800. Strictly speaking, this polar vortex that drift down into the U.S. this year is the wirl of wind that flows from west to east and encircled the North Pole.

The stronger these winds run the colder they get and the better they are keeping frigider around the pole. But sometimes the vortex slows down and starts to waiver. Allowing arctic air to break south and flow into lower latitudes. While also cycling warmer air back north.

So, the infusion of icy air that many of us experienced wasn't just a one time thing. This winter is shaping up to be a weak polar vortex season.

The serious one was happened in 2009. When North America, Europe and Northern Asia also recorded cold and snow. However, scientists don't know what causes these variations. But, they're forecasting another deep arctic air to visit North America this week.

The Polar Vortex of 2014 in the United States of America

Extremely cold, extremely inconvenient—extremely weird.
  1. There were 50 states of the United States dropped below freezing the week of January 6, 2014 (not even Hawaii spared!).
  2. The wind chill of -60°F was recorded in parts of Michigan, Minnesota, Montana and Hampshire.
  3. The vicious vortex was experienced on at least 15 states record temps on January 7, 2014.
  4. There were approximately 20,000 of U.S. flights cancelled due to the weather.
  5. Extreme cold caused pipes to burst.
  6. An estimated impact of $5 billion on U.S. economy because of lost productivity, lack of consumer spending and higher heating bills.
  7. There been 62 hours consecutively Minneapolis, St. Paul, Minnesota spent below zero.
  8. One prisoner surrendered and turned itself in just to escape the cold.
  9. Frozen was the name of soundtrack that held the number one spot during the week of the Polar Vortex.
  10. There were numerous science experiments conducted in the cold.

Even polar bear found in the Lincoln Zoo moved inside because it was too cold.

Something We Should Learn More About Polar Vortex

A polar vortex is a persistent, large-scale upper level cyclone near one or both poles of the Earth. It ALWAYS exists at the poles, but weakens in summer and strengthens in winter.

Many times in winter, a piece of vortex breaks off and is sent southward with the jet stream which is what is happening now.

Overall, we can all say that polar vortex;
  • is not something new.
  • is not something that exists at the Earth's surface, it is in the upper atmosphere.
  • is not something that will be visibly observed like tornadoes, funnel clouds, thunderstorm, lightning, etc.
  • is not something in itself is dangerous to humans, but the cold, arctic air is associated with them at the surface could be.

What to Wear During Seasons of Polar Vortex?

Layer of natural fibers, such as silk, cashmere, merino wool and down to the warmest with the least bulk. Layering with your favorite delicate jewelries or accessories will help to make you feel confident and well-dressed above anything.

Giants of Polar Vortex on Other Planets

It is good to know that there is a polar vortex. There's one around the north pole and the south pole. There's one also around the north pole of Saturn and the south pole of Saturn and Jupiter and like all the other planets. It's just caused by the difference in air temperatures between the equator and the poles.

It's a normal thing that happens on planets and most of all it's not weird.
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