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The Lunar New Year revelry in the country is more than just a festivity of traditional Chinese food, dragon dances and fireworks displays as Filipino-Chinese community does every way to manifest the core meaning of the celebration. Every Chinese New Year, Chinoy (Filipino-Chinese people) offers food, prayers, money to the gods, to their ancestors and spirits. Most Filipinos' offerings are somewhat simplier compared to what other Chinese families prepare for the New Year. Preparations begin days ahead of the festivities. The house is clean thoroughly and offerings bought at the local Chinese market.

Celebration for Gods and Spirits

On the eve of the New Year, they set offerings at home and on their workplace. Chinese people follow a simple rule of always having a five or six different kinds of offerings for good luck, earth god, business god and the Chinese counterpart of the Virgin Mary will be honored first. This would be followed by their ancestors and then holy spirits.
Image of Chinese New Year Binondo

Impotance of Family Ties

They offer prayers and bring pieces of paper that symbolizes money to be burnt and goes back preparing for family's dinner. The big family dinner is part of a modern Filipino-Chinese family which the children receive ampao that contains money at the end of the day. The Chinese New Year serves as a family reunion.

With the respected traditional or modern festivities during the Chinese New Year connect Chinoys with their heritage. The tradition is their way of preserving the identity and honoring their forebears.
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