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Why do people get addicted with flappy bird? Playing Flappy Bird is pretty simple!
  1. There's a bird.
  2. You tap on the screen to make it go up.
  3. Don't tap on the screen to make it go down.
  4. There are pipes, if you hit the pipes or the ground. YOU LOSE. That's it!

Caught in the Loop of Gaming Addiction

Yet, people freaking love it or maybe they hating it just the right way. Because, well, it is maddening. Top score 19 right here and not intending to ever beat it again. Until, you know? That little spark of something occurs inside you. ''Maybe, maybe I, I can beat that score?!''

I mean, 19 is just one way from tweenty and tweenty would be such a nice round number. Then you're playing it again and you playing and playing until you hit 20. But, then you can keep yourself streak alive and the thrill begins. Freaking out because every new gap is another step toward 30 or even fifty above.

Okay, 26 that's good enough that's that's as far as I need to go. Until the cycle starts again. So why, why do we keep doing this?

Why do millions of people keep doing this? Why are our brains so dumb?

Dopamine and Eagerness to Achieve Something Better

Image of Dopamine
It's actually fairly, well studied not with Flappy Bird specifically, but with gaming and more importantly with gambling. This turns out to be a similar, though, of course not as worrying as gambling addictions.

Our brains and bodies are designed for achievement. What that achievement is defined us? Well, partially in mating like, finding a suitable partner, partially cultural like getting a great job or scoring touchdowns in football.

Whatever those achievements are? Our brains craved them and when we achieved it. Our brains release chemicals that make us feel good—particularly dopamine.

Dopamine is a chemical that makes us feel good. It also makes us feeling better when when achieve something nice. This trigger us find the pattern that lead to eventual achievement.

An Old Habit Anyway

Suddenly, just turning on Flappy Bird and starting the game gives you a little bit dopamine. A precursor of what's to come and encouragement to go for that achievement. You're craving for Flappy Bird is certainly a 21st century addiction. It is based on neural chemistry that is far older than our species and that's pretty freakin' weird.
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