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Be it Independence Day or any other reason for vacation, you’ll probably agree that keeping safe is the first and foremost rule of having fun. Even if you are only going for a bike ride, wearing a helmet is a pre-requisite. Same is the case with spending a rejuvenating time in a spa or a hot tub. There is an extra need to be careful when you are enjoying a hot tub session with family. Because it is very likely that your kids would also like to spend time in the spa with you, precautions would be indispensible. Mentioned below are some safety tips that can make a spa or hot tub experience nearly hazard free:


Spa etiquette is essential for making your kids and other family members aware of the risks that spa and hot tubs pose.
If a person is aware of the kind of injuries that one is likely to face because of carelessness, accidents can be avoided. Learn and teach swimming so that there is no case of drowning. Learning and teaching first aid as well as CPR can also save a life or more.


While in or around a spa or a hot tub, you must know how to act in a manner that you or anyone else does not end getting injured. Be alert, keep a watch on children, don’t run around or chase anyone, be composed and avoid any act that can cause accidental tripping. Apart from this, remember to never let children out of sight during spa or hot tub sessions. Tell everyone to stay away from drains and pipes. This way no one will drown because of entrapment.


All might not be your fault! At times, the spa or the hot tub can be faulty; therefore, accidents might happen. However, only you can fix this problem. Maintenance of the hot tub or spa is something that should not be neglected at any cost. Though Master Spa’s dealers ensure quality in spa parts, you must take care that the parts are functioning properly; you must also see to it that the water is clean and free of bacterial or fungal growth.

To add to the security, build a fence around the place where the hot tub or spa has been installed. This way, in case you have installed the hot tub in the outdoors where the kids play, they will be careful about not playing around the area that has been allotted to the spa.

Little things like whether your Master spas have the provision for proper drainage or not, is essential for determining how safe your kids will be in it.

Spa covers or hot tub covers also add to the safety of your vessel. If your spa or hot tub is covered with a hot tub or spa cover, accidents caused by tripping in will reduce tremendously in numbers. If you wisely incorporate the above mentioned tips in your spa etiquette list, you are doing enough for keeping your family safe.

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