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Skype is a pretty big deal these days. A lot of people use it because it is easy, and it is popular, and that is one of its biggest perks. The fact that it is popular means that more people have it and so there is more chance that other people you know will have it and will talk to you on it. There are a lot of these types of programs out there, but currently this is the most popular.

Getting Started

Enroll yourself on Skype and log in to your account as normal. And from the tool menu you must choose "Options" until you reach the display. Click on "Video Settings." You will now receive an on-screen a live image from your webcam, if you click in the options to go to "Video Settings". If more than one webcam is currently connected to your computer, then you can make you're a selection from the drop-down list.

Getting your Web Camera Ready

You must then click the "Webcam Settings" in order to adjust the video settings. The settings involve things such a light, contrast and brightness. Click on the "Change Profile Picture" bit and then sit in the pose you want. Click on the "Take a picture" bit on the front of the camera just as you are ready to record. When you are ready you can click and begin.

Taking your Profile Picture

The image will be taken and you can move the image and change its size as it sits in the opened window. If you're happy with how the photo looks, you may click on "use this image". Now you click on "Save" and it will have taken your newest profile picture. You can edit your photo too if you wish.

Getting a Video Snapshot

Start a video call with the Skype program. If there is another person on the other end then you can do a screen print and take a photo, or you can use the Skype program to take your photo for you.

Take a Photo of the Video

Click on the "+" button within the video call window. If the photograph is successful it will take a photo. Click on the "Take a photo" option. Your new snapshot is in the window of your "Snapshot Gallery" and it will appear wherever you share it. You can share with Skype contacts. You can do this by pressing the button to share.

Log onto Skype. From your Skype menu and choose "Settings". Click on the Audio/Video button. Within this window, you will see a new live recording coming from your webcam. Edit your profile by going to the File menu and choosing 'Edit profile" under the current image you may click on "Replace Image".

Click on your camera and in the dialog box for changing your picture; you locate an icon for the camera. You may do this under the slider by clicking once. Pose in front of the camera and you will have a three second countdown before the shot. You can view and change the size and the photo positioning if you want.

If you're not too pleased with your snapshot or recording, you may click again on the button for your camera until and do it all again until you take some footage or images that you like. Once you have a good picture, and are happy with the size and positioning of your image, you may click on the "Insert" button. Your new profile is now in place (albeit again).

When Recording Video

You just read two variations on how to get snapshots of yourself and how to take a photo of a person on the other end of your conversation. The way you record video of yourself is done the same way except that you do not do any posing and you set it to record you for a certain interval. If you are looking for a longer recording, then there are programs on the Internet that will connect with your web camera directly and will record.

There are even programs online that will record indefinitely until the hard drive of your computer is filled up. If you can make your computer appear as if it is off, then you could use the web camera as a secret hidden camera whilst you are out. But, that is only if you are of a sneaky nature. On the other hand, you could point the camera outside and use it as a sneaky security camera so you may see what is going on whilst you are out.

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