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If you are looking to purchase a Magnetic Therapy Bracelet but don’t know where to begin, we’ve got all the information you need. This infographic details what Magnetic Therapy is and the specific types of metals used in the bracelets, the benefits of each, and what you need to be aware of when selecting one.

We also highlight how a buyer can enhance a bracelet by making them aware of the four bio elements and what they are. Magnets are a key aspect of the bracelets and there are numerous types of permanent magnets. We explain the three main permanent magnets you need to be concerned with when selecting your Magnetic Therapy Bracelet.

Many people are looking to purchase a Magnetic Therapy Bracelet because they have a health issue and they have heard that the bracelets could help them. We focus on ten conditions that Magnetic Therapy Bracelets are said to reduce the pain of and help with, although there are many more and these are a guidelines only.

What is important for any buyer is to know who you should not purchase one for. We outline the specific groups such as pregnant and breastfeeding women who should not wear one. We also give you an estimate of what type of cost you can expect to pay, depending on the type of bracelet you select, and where you buy it from.
Image of Magnetic Bracelets Infographic

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Eran Adams is Managing Director of Northern Polarity, with one of the largest range of Magnetic Therapy Bracelets on both sides of the Atlantic. The main distribution centre and headquarters are in Surrey in the UK, and its products are sold all over the world. The company operates several e-commerce websites. Eran gained retail experience for many years, retiring from Tesco UK after 15 years as a Trading Manager and started his own online business of jewellery and alternative therapies in 2004. He appears as a guest speaker for the industry, and regularly blogs about Magnetic Therapy Products.

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