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Ringworm, it must be caused by a worm, right? WRONG! It's actually just the fungal infection. But that's not the only myth that need disproving about this red-itchy, flaky skin infection.

Another myth about ringworm is that, it can only be spread by skin to skin contact. This is simply not true! The fungus can live on clothes, your kids towels, bedding, furniture and wet surfaces such as, showers and swimming pools.

If touch any of these items once they're infected. You could get infected too.

Ringworm; Skin Infection

On the subject of transmission, here's another myth for you. Ringworn only affects people. Truth is, your pet could have ringworm and it can spread the fungus to you. Conversely, you can also spread this on your pet.
Image of Ringworm

Another common myth is that ringworm only shows up on your arms and legs. Not necessarily true! The same types of fungus that can cause ringworm can show up on your feet where it's called athletes foot, in your groin area where it's called jockeys.

They can also appear on your torso. Truly, a fungal infection can lead anywhere on your skin.

Last myth, ringworm will eventually go away on its own. Not so fast! Ringworm, if left untreated could spread instead of getting cured.

How To Treat Ringworm

Buni in Filipino or ampini in Ilonggo is really though to kill and get rid out of it may need some effort. So, your best bet is to pick up anti-fungal medication like;
  • Salicilic Acid - this somehow burn the upper layer. Leaving beneath skin layer unharmed and fungus can regenerate after few days.
  • Battery Solution - a combination of oil and carbon came from drycell such as, Eveready battery and Energizer.
  • Trosyd and Lotrimin for Ringworm - it's clinically proven to cure most ringworm and relieve the annoying symptoms that accompanied. Symptoms like circular pattern, itching, redness and irritation. You'll need to follow all label directions to properly treat the condition.
  • Acapulco leaves - freshly-picked, hardly press the leaves and extract the latex then apply on the infected area. A great medicinal plant for natural method of ringworm prevention.

Knowing the truth about this often misunderstood infection can help us treat it the right way and help protect us from getting it again.
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