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Geologists from the University of Nebraska discovered an ecosystem deep under the ice of Antarctica. Hoping to survey tides under the froze ice shelf. They drilled a hole through the 270 meter thick ice. Then, sent down a camera-equipped robot, flipped it upside down. Deep down until totally floored to see the bustling ecosystem attached to the bottom of the ice.

Too Cold to Live

Image of New Species of Sea Anemone in Antarctica

Thousands of tiny sea anemone dangled from the ice. This together with fish, worms and other creatures slam upside down. Among them is the white one-inch sea anemone. It is the first such animal known to live in ice and upside down.

Evidence of the Life Under the Frozen Layer

Because geologist weren't prepared for such of discovery. The researchers came away with little more than photographs and a few preserve specimens. However, it's clear that this is a new species and there's much more to learn about how they feed, reproduce and burrow in the hard ice.

Further studies may provide insight into how life could exist in extreme environments in other world, such as, the freezing oceans of Europa.
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