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Pakistanis living abroad may feel cut off from their loved ones in Pakistan. It hurts particularly when you are celebrating a birthday, a wedding, or a festival like Eid. Living far away from relatives and friends, one might feel totally lost and isolated.

But, currently, the world has developed into a global village thanks to the internet; Pakistanis worldwide can be a part of celebrations and functions at home with the opportunity to send gifts online. Online stores have spring up worldwide that offer the service to deliver gifts to friends and family in Pakistan.

Sending gifts online are a perfect way to send greetings and wishes and to express love and affection. Now you can arrange to send gifts to any part of Pakistan- major or remote. One can send a gift for any occasion, and these online stores are reliable and efficient.

Online stores offer a variety of goods as gifts to be ordered by Pakistanis living overseas. Goods vary according to the occasion; for birthdays, wedding or anniversary, flowers are the best gift. You may also give a combination gift. Combination gifts are the current rage worldwide.

Combination gifts are like flowers with chocolate, perfumes with flowers, or flowers with cakes. You can create any combination with the aid of the catalogue of the online store. Gift hampers hold different gift combinations in one compact package. So gift hampers are also becoming popular. Gift hampers may have themes like flower gift hamper, gourmet food gift hamper, hobby gift hamper etc. One may send mobiles to Pakistan in gadget gift hamper.

If you want to celebrate big festivals like Eid, and want to send Eid gifts to Pakistan, you can send gift hampers filled with goodies like cakes, sweets, and candies along with flowers and gifts. These things are arranged from the best hotels and bakeries, nearest to the place where the recipient is residing. Therefore choose online stores which have good local network so that goodies like sweets and cakes arrive fresh and delicious to the recipient’s home.

Sending gifts for weddings in Pakistan is a great thrill for overseas Pakistanis. Weddings are celebrated with great pomp and ceremony. Overseas Pakistanis who are missing home can participate in the celebration by sending gifts online. Send jewelry, perfumes, wedding cakes and clothes for the couple. Online gift shops have a magnificent array of wedding gifts. The competition is so strong that many sites offer valuable gifts at minimum costs. So you can choose any gift as per the occasion.

Here are some ideas for gifts:
  • Flowers: Flowers are the most wonderful way to express love and affection to a loved one far away from you.
  • Gift baskets: Gift hampers like sports gift basket, fruit basket, gourmet food basket etc.
  • Chocolates: A variety of chocolates in a satin box can express your love to your near and dear ones.
  • Magazine subscription: Take out a subscription of a favorite magazine for a loved one.
  • Gift certificate: If it is difficult to choose a gift, take out a gift certificate for your loved ones so that they can choose what they like.

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