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Appcelerator Titanium is widely used to build desktop, tablet and mobile applications by using web technologies. Appcelerator Inc. developed and introduced it in December 2008. Looking at the growing usage of iPhone & Android mobile devices, support of Android and iPhone mobile apps was also added in 2009 (June). Following this, support for iPad-based tablet apps was added (June 2010) and BlackBerry (April 2013). This platform allows web developer to apply present skills like JavaScript to build native applications for Android and iPhone.

Image of Titanium Application Development

It has been repeatedly proved by Appcelerator Titanium that it is a cross-platform toolkit. Blessed with sophisticated features, it has become the primary choice of mobile app development companies to develop cross-platform apps.

A Basic Overview:

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Undoubtedly, this is a wonderful cross-platform development technology. This also supports the web content, which is developed using Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe Flash. Apart from having compatibility with Ajax, it goes along with Windows operating system, Linux, MacOS and mobile devices.

Titanium API gathers JavaScript code for the purpose of creating table views and UI controls such as popovers and split views. Titanium developers get the flexibility to rest, package and distribute the applications to different stores of various mobile platforms.

Get a Glimpse Over the Features of Appcelerator Titanium:

  • Being open source software, it is available for free.
  • Native UI Components such as dialog boxes & menus can be used for app development.
  • JavaScript & Ajax frameworks, both are supported.
  • This also renders support to iPad’s native features.
  • Rich mobile apps are developed for both Android & iPhone.
  • Knowledge of Objective-C or Cocoa is not required.
  • Specific media codes and functionality are supported.
  • App development based on the accelerometer and maps is possible.

Titanium Application Development Brings a Pool of Advantages:

A number of mobile app development companies have begun to include Appcelerator titanium mobile solutions in order to provide fantastic ideas based on diverse mobile platforms. Using this platform, they can build a wide range of apps for iPhone and Android. If they want to save time, then it is good to amalgamate mobile app development and the latest industry standard technologies.

Image of Titanium Application Development Brings a Pool of Advantages

A developer can develop Titanium apps for business data support across mobile devices and web interfaces. For online community development, it also enables the programmers to integrate social media features to get real-time updates from Facebook & Twitter. It is useful for the users, who are using social networks to update their status via their preferred apps. Custom third party APIs for e-commerce stores and auction can also be created.

The companies that carry out Titanium development and want to provide cost-effective services to the clients should choose cross-platform development process. It becomes possible as this process is less tedious as compared to a specific native mobile app development. One can also expect to create Android games (based on latest 3D graphics) with the help of this platform.

Mobile development companies provide apps for diverse sectors including retail segment, manufacturing, corporate, travel, games, e-commerce and utilities. Titanium developers should form a sensible and seamless strategy to develop and test the apps with direct porting of apps to various mobile platforms. In this way, they can build a plethora of applications that are simple, user-friendly, interesting and interactive for the users.

On a Final Note:

Other than the above advantages and features, this platform also offers different multimedia features. It enables people to enjoy video storing/streaming, music and image viewing on diverse devices. Users are able to use fundamental source code anytime. At the time of working on Titanium, it is possible for developers to obtain instant results with its well-matched prototyping. Thus, you can become beneficial of diverse advantages offered by Appcelerator Titanium.

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