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Have you ever thought how many articles people read every day? I am sure, no. Moreover, the answer for this question is the number with several zeros. Here are two more questions: do people read all articles until the end; and do they keep all information in their memory? Unfortunately, they do not. So, how can you make your article more interesting and memorable?
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First of all, be intelligent! Read many magazines and newspapers. Note the unusual phrases, thoughts, ideas, illustrations. They can be great basis for your new articles. Of course, you cannot use this material word for word. However, remember, "Using one source is plagiarism, using two is research."

The title makes the first expression about the article. It should be garish to catch the reader’s attention and stir him to know what about this article is. However, the title does not guarantee the completely reading of the article. The next step is effective, captivating beginning.

For example, you can ask a reader the question. As a rule, the questions make us think over and then rouse the curiosity. Nevertheless, it should be closely connected with the theme of the article. Furthermore, you can surprise the reader with the interesting fact or news. Your fresh look at the well-known thing can interest too. Sometimes it is better to tell briefly the main idea in the first paragraph and then disclose it in detail during the article.
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Further, try to keep the reader’s interest along the whole text. To reach this, use metaphors, aphorisms, unexpected analogs and comparisons. The articles in the Internet should be enough short. It is not because the brevity is the soul of wit. It is just the law of the genre. The user of the Internet is impatient. He used to read not chapters or pages but screens. So, recount all necessary information within the scope of one screen. Do not write too long sentences. Your information should be understandable at once. If it is impossible to avoid the scientific terms, give to each term the explanation in the text or in the footnote in the bottom of the page when you use it first time. It will help the reader to understand everything completely. The same concerns foreign words, abbreviations, reductions and other.

Do not write the straight text; use the paragraphing at full capacity. Single out every complete thought in the separate paragraph. Thus, you take care about your reader and his comfort.

Write grammatically! Respect and love the mother tongue. Do not hope that the readers will exert your blunders with the indulgent smile. Nowadays to be competent is very simple. There are special spellcheckers in the word processors.

In conclusion, there are some more words. Before you begin to write the article at any topic, you should know the theme very well. Think over the structure and the sense of the article, only after this start to write. Do not put the first draft of writing online. Read, revise and edit several times. Accounting all these pieces of advice there is the higher probability that your article will turn out interesting and necessary. It will achieve that objectives which you set writing it.
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