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A new study out of Harvard says a newly discovered text telling that Jesus may have had a wife. Christ is the son of God, Well; recently, a new text was found where the unmarried messiah was said to have referenced his wife. Specifically the ancient text reads Jesus said to them on quote, “my wife."

Seeing as how this was thousands of years ago, this probably wasn't a cultural reference. This is more likely alludes to the idea that Jesus had a wife, and like other men, would talk to his friends about her.

This could be troublesome as it's written that Christ never knew the touch of a woman. Whether or not Jesus had a wife it was a hot debated issue amongst early Christian. Especially, if is it okay to have a family?

Ancient Text Holds the Secrets

Now here's where Harvard comes in, because only something this big, this special, this groundbreaking, it has a shot of getting into Harvard. Even without extracurricular! So, Harvard takes a look at this text because you got to make sure it's real.

We can't just take a piece of papers then invent words for it. We’ve got to wine and dine it a little bit. Romance it before you start dating. Carbon dating, that is!

Let's take a quick look at the found text itself: the text was revealed to the public back in 2012. It's written in Coptic and is around the size of a business card. Harvard's test says the papyrus most likely dates to 8th century in Egypt based on the radiocarbon dating and the ink's chemical composition.
Image of The Vatican hurriedly declared that the papyrus fragment is FAKE

They go on to say, "If it was written in the 8th or even the 9th century, it's still an ancient document" and if real would fall into the category of gospel.

Not So Fast; Declined

But, let's not go drawing a wedding ring on every picture of Christ just yet as a challenger has entered the tournament by the name of Brown University. Who points out that the text contains grammatical errors a native Coptic speaker would not make. Mind you, Harvard refuted that by saying that the grammatical errors matched an informal style that's found in other ancient Coptic texts. Kind of like a doge version of gospel.
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