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Hey, everybody we’re here again to tell you some great and funny tales of animal cross-breeding. Couple of days ago there was a story about a new baby geep born in Ireland. It’s an adorably-adorable cross between a sheep and goat or maybe a goat and sheep. It turns out this geep got a little frisky fur which is characterized by a female sheep—one of the cutest crossbreed ever!


Image of Geep

Cross-breeding is no like crazy. It can happen between any two chromosomally compatible organisms. In this case, the goat and sheep are similar organisms in the family Bovidae. These include cattle, ox, buffalo, bison, gazelle, and a lot of different animal.

Chances are, they share a common ancestor way back in history but separated based on geography overtime.

Now that we've domesticated all these little creatures they share the same farm in some time.

Bound in mating, take a while and sometimes they get all freaky.


Image of male donkey and a female horse get together they produce a mule

Cross-breeding can be done on purpose or on accident. Mules are an excellent example of natural cross breeds. Horses are native to Europe and donkeys to Africa but they can cross breed. When a male donkey and a female horse get together they produce a mule.

Mules are sterile which is a common problem in all cross-breeding. However, they are stronger than horses and in a smaller size. So, they are relatively common for work animals.

Infamous Hybrid Animal on the Internet

By the way, cross-breeding has a standard naming convention. The male animal get the first half of the name and the female animal get the second half of the name.
Image of Largest living cat, Hercules (liger).

What is the most internet famous crossbreed? It’s the liger, the offspring a male lion and female tigress. The tigon which is male tiger and female lion, get it?

In the wild, lions and tigers wouldn't naturally meet because tigers are native to Southeast Asia and lions to Africa and the Middle East. However, they share a common ancestor—so mating is possible.

A lot of modern cross-breeding happens because humans have squeezed natural habitats closer together or moved animals into zoos.

Zoo Keeper Bred Rare Animals

At a zoo in Germany, the grolar bear was bred which is a cross between the brown bear and the polar bear. The baby grolar bears had long necks and tales like the polar. However, their paws were only half hairy because brown bears don't have hairy paws.
Image of Grolar Bears and Wholphins

Cross Breed Underwater

This strange cross-breed doesn't just happen in land animals. The wholphin, it's a cross between a false killer whale (which by the way is not the same as an orcas) and a bottle nose dolphin.

They exist in the wild and were first described in 1846. A wholphin born in captivity in 1985 is actually not sterile, which is pretty rare, though, it's only birth two calves that survived.

The Dark Side of Cross-Breeding

Unfortunately, cross-breeding can go horribly wrong. Well, since each animal has evolved with their own genetic strengths and weaknesses overtime. A mix between some of these animals can have a huge genetic problem.
Image of Dark Secrets of Human Crossbreed

For example, a liger baby is too big for the smaller stature of the tigress. So, the cub has to be delivered almost exclusively by C-section. If it survives it will probably die young from genetic deformities arising from that cross breed.

The scariest of all cross-breeds? Hands down, the humanzee, though, they've never been created. Thank goodness! But theoretically, it is possible because chimps and humans share 98-99 percent of their DNA. The hybrid would be an ethical dilemma to say the least. Probably, threats to both species and would be super scary. Don't do it! What's the best hybrid ever though? Tell us your thoughts and write them down below.
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