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Water wastage is a worldwide problem that most people don't even realise is a problem, let alone a very serious one. Water wastage is overlooked and water conservation is often ignored. Most people would not consider themselves to be water wasters however in most cases this is completely untrue. If you were considering what might qualify as water wastage you might imagine someone filling a swimming pool in their backyard during a particularly dry month or accidently leaving a faucet running all day long. This is water wastage in an obvious sense but the seemingly mundane tasks requiring water during the day are the true culprits of water wastage.

If you had to guess how much water you use in a day, would you be shocked to learn on average we use between 190 and 400 litres a day. Combatting this problem is a lot easier than you think and you are not only saving water but also saving yourself money, it is a win/win situation. Water is one of our most valuable resources and although it is not exhaustible it is still vital to ensure we are using it wisely and efficiently. With the population constantly increasing the demand for water increases too. Whether you cut down how long you take in the shower or change how often you put on the washing machine, these small changes can all make a real difference.

Image of Infographic on Water Wastage

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Gavin Dullaghan is the director of Avoca Water. For over 30 years, the Avoca brand product range has been solving Irish water treatment issues with pride. During this time, Avoca has become a market leader in water treatment in Ireland with thousands and thousands of Irish families loving the benefits that our systems produce.

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