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Hey folks, this day is really especial for our Planet Earth and for us we must protect our world. What we have here is some additional information for us to support the Earth Day.
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The totals of 150 countries have supported and emphasis our world this April 22, 2014–known as the Earth Day. These remind us to protect the environment, for nature is providing everything we need allowing us to survive. Let us participate; here are ways on how we can celebrate the Earth Day in simplest and also, on our normal days.

Environmental-Friendly Tips for Earth Day

  • Fix leaking faucet to prevent the wasting away of water, turn off electrical appliances and lights when not in use to conserve energy.
  • Use reusable eco-bags instead of plastic when buying goods in the market in order to use it again and no more trash to be contributed.
  • Use LED lights rather than incandescent bulbs because these LEDs are recyclable compare to incandescent light bulbs.
  • Separate biodegradable from non-biodegradable materials. Segregation can ease the work so plastic and papers can be correctly recycled.
  • Walk or ride a bike if your destination is near to reduce the smoke belching producing vehicles in turn that causing pollution.
  • Repurpose something like jars and scrap papers.
  • Use multi-purpose chemical-safe items for cleaning because these are more affordable and reduces the usage of harmful chemicals.

These environmental-friendly home advices, easy, can be added on our daily task and more importantly save and conserve our environment from possible human-made destruction. Remember, our dirty deeds are perfect samples for now ongoing climate change and pollution.
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