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Drunkenness is only a plastic pouch of powder away. That's right! The future is here everybody. Back in early days, if we wanted to get drunk we had to carry a bottle of booze through the snow, uphill—both ways.
Liquid alcohol can now turn into solid powdered state.
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However, today, people have "Palcohol". It's a new and improved way to get drunk that could hit the shelves later this year. Scientists behind the product have turned liquid alcohol into a powder that you can mix with water to make your drink. Their website reports that they have 6 varieties: rum, vodka, and types of cocktails.

Federal Issue on Palcohol

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Last week, the news spread that Palcohol received its federal approval, which caused a mad frenzy—as you might imagine. Then a few days later, the feds were like, "oh, wait just kidding. That was a mistake!" Palcohol's parent company said the mistake was related to how much powder comes in the bag and that they're going to resubmit them for approval. It's worth noting that other countries like Japan, the Netherlands, the U.S. of course, and Germany already have similar products on the market.

The Science Behind the Palcohol

How exactly is liquid alcohol turned into a powder? An old patent from the 1970s lets the public in on Palcohol's boozy little secrets.
  1. First, they dehydrate a vapor-sorbable carbohydrate base down to a moisture content of less than 1%.
  2. Ideally, this carbohydrate powder is one that is easily dissolved in water and perhaps has a little bit of sweetness.
  3. Once it's been dehydrated to the extreme, the carbohydrate powder is ready to absorb the ethanol. Combine in the proper proportions and voila! You have alcohol in powder form.
In order to stay fresh, the powder has to stay in a sealed container, otherwise the ethanol vapors will seep out. Palcohol says that their powders are 58% alcohol by weight—which is why it's also highly flammable. When you mix it with water, the percentage is reduced to 12%, though. For your information, each pouch contains about 80 calories.

Health Risk on Palcohol; Good or Bad?

Flavored Palcohol
Image of Will Palcohol Powdered Alcohol Present Serious Health Risks?
Is powdered alcohol the great idea we've all been hoping for? Well, it depends who you ask. I think for most people, regular liquid booze is probably fine. Also, it is a solution for people who want to take it on the go without carrying heavy bottles. Think hikers, backpackers, and people who want to slip it in their drink at lunch. Speaking of slipping things in drinks: that's one of we might concern with a powdered alcohol - it's actually a little easier to abuse. In fact, the original Palcohol website might be described as wildly irresponsible, and completely out of control. Originally, they openly highlighting the fact that you can sneak it into concerts or that—even though you shouldn't because that's dangerous guys!—it can be snorted and that it'll get you drunk superfast.

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