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We’re sorry if we’re being too straight forward but by any chance do you breathe out of your bum? Hey avid Kwentologist readers this is an awesome animal fun facts just for you.

The Top of the Species

Some animals can breathe through their butt, that’s right! Here are the three animals that do the dirty deed.
Image of Sea cucumber, Fitzroy River turtle and dragonfly can breathe on their ass.

  1. Number one, the sea cucumber, in its body there are a pair of what's called Respiratory trees that extract oxygen from the water. The sea cucumber must pour in water through its anus to get the H2O out of these respiratory trees. Why not just swallow the water? Also, it turns out that sea cucumbers also eat through their butts as well.
  2. Number two, the Fitzroy River turtle found in Australia. They extract oxygen from the water using their to enlarge cloacal bursae. These little guys can pump water in and out their butts and get up to two-thirds their air supply. Additionally, this opening is also use for urine, feces, and eggs. Yeah, funny though when talking about bad breath.
  3. Coming in at number three, dragonfly nymphs. The dragonfly nymph’s anus axis gills underwater. Their rectum gills are so we're very sensitive that they can certainly detect pollution. So, if the numbers of dragonflies in the water decrease—that means that there must be some hype of sewage in the water. In fact, dragonfly nymphs butt are all quite astonishing. They eat by drawing water into the anus then clenching creating water pressure that pushes out their lower lip, catch prey, so fast that it strikes in about ten milliseconds.

Thinking About Breathing on Your Butt?

So, now you know that some animals breathe through their butts. Then, show it through your family and friends. We’re sure they'll think that you're the coolest guy. Anyway, what would you do if you could breathe on your butt? Let us know in the comments below.
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