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So guys do you have someone, like a family member who is hospitalized or are you about to undergo an operation, needs medication that include operating facility, hospital fees, and medicine for recovering? Well, I had been on that situation. To say the least, it’s my pleasure to help you out and have these things fixed. But before that would it be OK if I tell you first my story and how did I end up paying my surgical operation all for free?

Bakit Kailangan ng Operasyon?

It was back the month of November last year when I processed my papers for abroad. Everything goes well and if I accomplished all requirements needed probably, I spending some of my time right now in Qatar. However, it didn't happen! Let's forget about it, for one great reason—failed medical examination. The doctor concluded that I need to undergo operation to threat hernia (luslos), which is found right of my inguinal area. Oh, man! Why these little balls of mine wrecking?

I asked the doctor of how much is the cost of the said surgical operation? He answered it must be somewhere P10, 000 – P20, 000 if conducted on private hospital. The doctor also gave me an advice to check first some charity hospital; there is a big chance that operation might be free, and so I did! I choose University of the Philippines General Hospital (PGH).

PhilHealth Dirty Tricks

PhilHealth; I Suffered A Lot!
Image of Just a Great Failure; What Makes Philhealth Useless
My surgeon informed me that P6, 000 is enough for the procedure but it would be great if I’m a PhilHealth member because it must be covered by the benefits. Unfortunately, PhilHealth declined to pay my operation. Checking on the membership status my freaking account was deactivated. How come? I mean, remittances I had with them are continuous—not this time for I was being unemployed for 6 months because I'm switching to a new career abroad. Also, why is PhilHealth closing an account without notifying the account holder first? Besides, I know this is insurance and every insurance company known to me send mail regarding on my account status. The thing is, I am not aware with their policies for none of PhilHealth people visit us while we're busy working every day (no orientation I guess).

Anyway, what to expect? They need to be more competitive and the system needs some changes because for now I'm seeing PhilHealth as a corrupt service our government ever had. PhilHealth didn't help me when I needed them the most. Now, I do really hate PhilHealth. I promised myself to not get involve with them when I get a new job. Take them down from my monthly deductions—PhilHealth is a parasite!

Medical Social Service Saves the Day

OK, let’s move on and take forward steps. I went to one of the Medical Social Services (MSS) office, which is then unwind me from worries about my operation. They assisted people who are unfortunate to handle hospital bills. But before they can do that, some needed documents must be submitted. To tell you guys, MSS people are quite impressive enough to say, “Whether you are rich or has an empty pocket, every people has the right to have the privileges to be served by these funds. The truth lies with the taxes rendered by Filipinos to the government.”

Hmmm… (Tama nga naman sila, saan ba nagmumula ang pera? Kung galing sa mga Pilipino eh di dapat lang naman itong ibalik sa tao.)

Now, here are the documents that are required for you to gather enough funds for your medication. Please note that these can be applicable on different charities, foundation and government (local or national) hospitals. Also, TV stations like Sagip Kapamilya (ABS-CBN), Kapuso Foundation (GMA), Kapatid (TV5), etc.

PCSO and recently, PDAF of Senators and government officials, though, currently hold when this Pork Barrel Scandal exposed.

Added for source of funds: Simbahan ng Baclaran

Documentation Requirements

  • Clinical Abstract – ask your Physician to have this document. It contains the findings, illustration or information of your health status and medical procedure to be conducted.
  • Medical Certificate – you can find this on hospital records department. This provide different purposes, it contains summarized data starting the day of your check up (out-patient) or the day you admitted on the hospital (in-patient) up to the latest occurrences while you are dealing with your consultation or medication. With this, you can also ask for certification of “fit to work” once everything goes back to normal or when you're fully-recover.
  • Social Case Study (from DSWD) – you need to go to the local DSWD office for this Social Case Study. It’s a short of interview about your life and then they will make a written biography about you, your partner, including your offspring (if any); your parents, siblings, occupation of the family members. DSWD may need to make a house visit to prove the accuracy of the given statement.
  • Bill/Quotation/Costing from Hospital Pharmacy/Supplies – on the hospital pharmacy, bring the original list of supplies (resita ng mga gamit at gamot) needed for your medication that is signed by your doctor. Pharmacist will then put the prices of corresponding item.
  • Endorsement/Acceptance letter from Hospital Social Services/Credit Collection Office – MSS or related offices will provide this letter.
  • Barangay Clearance (Good Moral) – make sure that you don't have any pending cases on your community and being good sometimes can help you in this kind of situation.
  • Personal Letter to Chairman/General Manager/Government Official like Senator – write a personal letter, it’s really self-explanatory just tell them what you need and thanks them in advance.
Now, if everything is completed you’re way to go! Start collecting funds for medical assistance, hospitalization expenses, laboratory procedures and purchase of medicines, chemo drugs, dialysis solutions, antibiotics, implants, devices and other medical needs.

If the patient can’t process this by himself, a family member can do the job provided with the authorization.

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sir ganu po katagal ung process ng pagkumpleto ng papel? magkanu ung unabot na gastos tsaka kamusta ung operatiin


Sa pagproseso ng mga papeles na kailangan. Ito bro ang tip ko para sunod-sunod 1.) Quotation ng mga gamot at gamit. 2.) Clinical Abstract 3.) Med Cert 4.) Brgry. Clearance 5.) Social Case (pero dito ako natagalan. Nung sa Taguig kasi 1 week releasing nito. Di ko lang alam sa lugar n'yo)

Kapag nakuha muna yan balik ka sa MSS. Sila na magbibigay sa'yo ng 6.) Endorsement Letter.

7.) Gawa ka na lang personal letter. Ikaw na bahala sabihin mo lang yung kailangan mo.

Siya nga pala, di naman issue yan kung mahirap man o mayaman. Sabi nga sa post ko lahat may karapatan mayaman man o mahirap pera kasi yun ng taong bayan. kung kumpleto mo na yung lahat ng kailangan mga 1 week makukuha mo na yung fund. Depende pa rin sa schedule. Yung sa pdaf kasi dati may schedule ng claiming pero matagal na yung pag-inabot pa ng 2 linggo. Gaya nung sa kay enrile. Sa ngayon wala nang pdaf malamang makakakuha ka ng fund sa simbahan ng baclaran o pcso.

Suma total mga 2-3weeks lahat yan. Anyway, suggest ko na rin sa PGH ka pumunta. Dun ka magpakonsulta sa OPD nasa kanto yun ng Padre Faura (Between UN and Pedro Gil LRT Station)

Hanapin mo si Doctor John Paul Emerson Marinas (Urulogy) siya din naman mag-oopera sa'yo.

Isa pa nga pala if first time kang pumunta para sa maayos lahat agahan mo. 7:30am bukas ng OPD ng PGH. Lunes hanggang Huwebes lang sila bukas. Sa friday wala close ang OPD nila.

Sa ngayon wala na ang PDAF, malamang mga fund na kukuhanan mo yung sa PCSO, Simbahan ng Baclaran at mga NGOs.

Back sa total fund na nakolekta ko dati umabot ako ng (P12,500.00)
Kapag nasa sayo na yung Guarantee Letter (yun yung may amount ng fund na gagamitin). Pareceive mo sa Accounting ng PGH verify mo na lang kung anong araw at oras sila bukas. Last year kasi Martes from 7:30 to 10 am lang sila. So agahan mo na lang.

Sa mga nagastos ko halos pamasahe, xerox, konting gamot na di available sa pharmacy siguro mga nasa 3k din. di ko pa kasi kabisado nun eh. ito ngayong may info kana baka mas mapadali yung pagproseso mo ng sayo.


Sir.. sa PGH lang ba available itong Medical Social Services (MSS)?


Yup, available po ito (o) just visit the OPD dun sa Padre Faura in between ng Pedro Gil at U.N. Station. Monday to Thursday only. :)


Pasensya na po di ko na gets 'yung tanong ninyo. Hindi lang po ito available sa PGH. Sa ibang public hospitals at charity hospitals meron din po ito. Ultimo sa ibang probins'ya meron din. Check MSS offices po dyan sa ospital ninyo. Basta kasama mo lang si magtanong. (m)


sir ask kulang ilang oras ka naoperahan that time?at masakit ba ang turok?at san ka tuturukan?
sa spinalcord ba?para daw yun ma paralisado ang kalahati mung katawan totoo po ba?salamat if masagot nyo sir khit 4yrs na itong post mo.


opo, bali before the day of operation may choices po if gusto mo tulog ka the whole procedure or gisisng habang inooperahan. So pinili kong gising habang nasa surgery. Masakit yung turok sa spine pero maya maya wala ka ng maramdaman. Di mo na rin magagalaw yung lower body mo.


Hello sir, clarify Ko lang po. Pero pag po ba may philhealth hindi ka na mkakakuha ng gnyang tulong? Free na po ba pag may philhealth kahit ilang months lang nkpag hulog?