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No one likes to get lost, especially when you're in the wilderness. That’s why it is important to go hiking with a grown-up and to always let someone know where you are and what time to expect you back. Sometimes, though, even the best plans go wrong and you lose your way. Follow these tips, and you'll be out of the woods in no time.

Your Outdoor Survival Kit
Image of Your Outdoor Survival Kit If You Get Lost While Hiking
  • Hat, Compass, Whistle, Bandana, GPS, Flashlight, Extra batteries, Snacks and Water.

Stay Put

Once you realize you’re lost, the number one rule is to stay put. Don't wander about. You'll only make it harder for people to find you.

Take Cover

If it’s cool, stay as warm and as dry as possible. If it’s hot, you'll need to cool off. Stay in the shade and don't move around.

Make Noise

Make it easy for people to find you. Carry a whistle and a bright bandana so you can be more easily seen and heard. Wave your bandana and blow your whistle three times every few minutes. If you don't have a bandana or a whistle, alternately wave your hands and pound two rocks together.

Take a Snack

Always take a snack and water with you. Don't eat any food you find growing in the wild.

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