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Ulnar Nerve was Really a Funny Bone
Image of Funny Bone wasn't a bone it's ulnar nerve.
Bang! If you're ever hit your elbow in a certain spot, you know that there’s nothing funny about the funny bone. In fact, it isn't a bone at all, but a nerve, the ulnar nerve to be exact. The nerve runs from the hand to the shoulder.

Just above the elbow, along the inside of the arm, in a spot where the nerve is exposed. Unlike other nerves, which are protected by muscles or bones, the ulnar nerve is covered only by skin. That’s why when we bump or bang this delicate spot, we feel pain.

So why is it called a funny bone? Many people report feeling a weird, thingly feeling when they hit the nerve. Or perhaps it’s because the funny bone is next to the arm’s humerus (hoo-muh-rus) bone, which sounds a lot like the word “humorous”.

Amazing Facts!
  • What’s more…? The ulnar nerve is the largest exposed nerve in the human body.
  • The ulnar nerve controls feeling in your fourth and fifth fingers and in the back of your hand.

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