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Squids may save humans from chemical warfare! We’ve all heard what's going on over in Syria—its tragic people are dying left and right. One of the main culprits is the chemical agent called Sarin which causes the heart and lung muscles to spasm uncontrollably.

Good News and Bad News

Chemical Weapon Sarin in Syria
Image of Chemical Weapon Sarin in Syria
The good news is that there's already in antidote. The bad news is that Sarin is so potent that it can literally kill you in minutes. This means that doctors can rarely reach a victim in time. Chemical warfare is a tricky thing to fight but what if people suddenly became immune to these poisons?

Researchers at the University of Tennessee say that squids might have this capability, as it turns out they’re one in the only animals with enzymes known as bioscavengers. Although we're not really sure with the real purpose is for having them?

Bioscavengers can neutralize deadly nerve agent for they infect the body.

So, theoretically if scientists were able to take this squid’s enzymes and somehow place them in the human body—people could become immune to Sarin.

Crossing the Warzone Line?

Bioscavengers Against Sarin
Image of Squid Bioscavengers Against Sarin
Okay, let's say they actually figure out a way to do that. The next problem would be getting these immunizations to Syria. It's not like American scientists can just walk into a war zone, right? What do you think guys about it? Share this with your friends; may be the ones who know about what's going on in Syria?

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