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Lamb Korma
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People continuously support and eat certified Halal foods or foods that are special for Muslims. What dish is it that produced by using mutton—a meat from lamb and allegedly originated from several countries in the Mediterranean? Also, it is the main dish loved by the Romans of Italy in the ancient period.

Kwentology and together with fellow Muslims are currently commemorating a month-long Ramadan. Meat of sheep is expensive and very rare here in the Philippines. But this one is the famous ingredient for Halal recipes.

The Lamb korma is one of the oldest dishes originated in Mediterranean countries such as Italy. This is known as the favorite food of the Romans in the early days.

History of Lamb Korma Recipe

The origin of this dish goes back to the Romans. It is more than 2, 000 years old kind of cooking style. Basically, what chef does is they sear it in a very high heat. They take the leg, and then sear in order to caramelize the outside and seal all the juices inside. And bake it in the oven, serve it with gravy.

Halal food often comes with mutton. But here in the Philippines relatively, the said meat is too expensive. However, on the other countries where sheep is in affordable prize. Lamb Korma seems to be on the table and often part of people’s tradition.

Korma came from the Turkish word kavurma that means cooked meat. Meat gone through the process and seasoning before it was mixed with different ingredients to be fully stewed.

The mutton compared to beef or chicken tastes more and much tender. However, it has a spendy prize to some other countries such as the Philippines.

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