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Nothing is sexier than a good grammar. As technology progresses and communication began least face to face. More knows to phone texting shorthand like “wer na u?” and “d2 na me” become more integrated into our conversations.

Sure, we adults learned words like how do they spelled correctly that’s why we allowed to make these transgressions against grammar—because we know better! We learn the rules before breaking them.

Texting Doesn't Kill Kids Grammar Skills

Are Jejemon Exempted?
Image of SMS ruin the grammar
Well, what about the youth? The poor still sculpting minds of our children, what will come up with them?

Turns out we can all chill the frock out a little bit because over the past couple of years. Texting has actually become associated with better literacy skills.

Say what? As far as grammar is concerned even though in text messaging, all the “d2 na me”and “wer na u?” or “anjan na cla” can be spelled in many different incorrect ways.

Study Results About Free-Grammar?

A group of researchers at Coventry University in the UK found no evidence that the use of grammatical violations in text messages translated to poor grammatical or spelling skills in school students.

Over the course of the year, the researchers work with 243 participants spanning from primary school to university analyzing their text messages from the two days before. They jotted down their own misuse of punctuation, capitalization and even certain words along with the consonants and Initialism (abbreviation).

Researchers found that after a year neither spelling or grammar was negatively affected in those who omitted words. In fact, it was related to improvements in those categories however for those who left out punctuation and capitalization there was a negative effect on spoken and written grammar.

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