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Larry Page of Google
Image of Larry Page of Google
Google wants machines to work so that you don't need to deal with your tasks. You can take a vacation, relax and let robots to do the rest. How great would it be to only have to work part time and still pay for everything you need?

It's the Utopian dream that Google co-founder Larry Page is hoping for. You will get there by using machines to do menial tasks instead of human beings. Sounds good in theory, right! It's no secret that people are extremely overworked and don't get proper vacation time.

People Will Lost Their Job

So, maybe this is the solution that we've all been hoping for. Well, twist comes with the report of economist found that about a half of highly-developed countries jobs could be automated within the next decade or two. In America, most of jobs have 99% likely to being replaced are;
  • Tax preparers
  • Librarians
  • Telemarketers
Which are perhaps more obvious that robots are even writing articles for the press now. Jobs at the most civility include firefighters, therapists, and social workers.

Felt like saying that its way back 50% unemployment can be a reality if we use technology. Some perspective tells great depression was around 25% unemployment. A kind of challenging for losing a job at once would be awful.

Is It For Good or Not?

Robot Advantage/Disadvantage?
Image of Robot Advantage or Disadvantage?
However, automation is a slow process. We're running automating more and more everyday and we have been for a long time. Take factory for example, about fewer and fewer people are needed for those gears to turn.

The question is... Should we in grace automation has an inevitability or is a catastrophe for our economy?

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