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A series of attack that killed pet goats in Odiongan, Romblom where animals found with wounds in the body and crushed internal organs left mysteries in people residing in the said place.

Out of the evaluation made by the Provincial Veterinary Office, wounds aren't deep but the organs of goats were totally crushed.

Unknown Predator?
Image of Animal Cruelty or New Predator

Analyzed by the group of Dr. Paul MiƱano, the goat was allegedly killed by unknown predator in the town of Concepcion Sibale Island.

Agriculture technician thinks that killings were possibly made by an animal or group of animals which is currently unidentified.

"Once na binalitan namin yung may sugat na kambing, nagtaka kami kasi hindi naman tagus yung sugat pero na durog ang laman ng kambing", based on the statement of Mr. Noli G. Tapalla, Agriculture Technician II of Provincial Veterinary Office.

Photo via Romblon Provincial Veterinary Office

Given the circumstances, the livelihood of the residents are now affected.

The continue investigation by the authorities is ongoing to find out what or who did this brutal murdering of the goats.

Security has now tightened in the area especially at night.

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