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Get anything you need, wherever you are by just looking side by side 'cause it's everywhere. Vending machine—a new rival to the small eatery (karinderya) and coffee shop that offer cheaper price of hot bulalo and chicken soup. But apart from these products, vendo also deliver brilliant services like WiFi and cell phone load.

We've seen a lot of different products sold in vending machines, not only in the Philippines but overseas.

  • Just like Japan, where ice cream, cigarettes and comic books or manga are mostly sold in vending machines.
  • While in Dubai, some vending machines there, are bigtime! Vending machine selling gold jewelry and gold bars.
  • As for Filipinos who are fond of retail stores, we're not out of the trend! Vending machines offered drinks such as ice water, coffee and chocolate. Now, the most amazing thing a vendo does, it has also bulalo and hot chicken broth, WiFi, charging cell phone batterry and airtime load—all for at a very low price. Impressive!
All You Need is Vendo!
Image of SmartCups is one of soup vendo in the Philippines The Evolution of Vending Machine Throughout History
Those who had tried the soup from the vendo machine said it has the best beef and chicken-flavored ever.

The people behind the soup-serving vendo come up to commercialize it especially during winter and rainy season because it will help to warm your tummy. SmartCups by Jerwin Aleman is one of the top soup vendo in the Philippines.

For those keen to cell phones, there are also vending machines for retailing prepaid load and also for charging low-batt (empty battery) phone batteries.

With WiFi vending machines, you can connect to the internet and browse website like Facebook. At P10 inserted in vending machine's coin slot, you can go online for an hour. This is commonly refer to Pisonet. You can turn your P1 to the corresponding 6-minute internet connection.

Start Your Vending Machine Business?

Vending machine makes everything convenient to consumers, in the same as an opportunity for others to take a unique way to earn for living. However, there are some consequences to be considered before making an investment to this machine.

According to one of the technology expert, you should check with the steady supply of electricity to where you put the machine and ensuring it safe from thieves.

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