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Calf With 3 Eyes
Image of a calf born with a 'third eye' and believed to be the reincarnation of the Hindu god Shiva
It was considered as a miracle, the answer for prayers and which people referring that brings good luck. Devoted today by local residents in a village of India, a calf born with a 'third eye' and believed to be the reincarnation of the Hindu god Shiva.

The calf was born in village of Kolathur in Tamil Nadu, southern part of India. Its unique feature is the third eye located on its forehead, which is the same as seen on Shiva.

Hundreds of people are now visiting Kolathur and worship the special calf; some came from distant places offering sacred ceremonies as they believe in reincarnation of god Shiva.

Calf born with three eyes believed as Shiva , the god with three eyes , was born there in India .

As for the newborn calf, for sure, seems it doesn’t have any idea about the sudden fame.

Shiva's Third Eye

Shiva is one of the main gods of Hinduism, and the Supreme Being of Shaivism, one of the most influential denominations in Hinduism . One important feature of Shiva is his 'third eye' in the middle of his forehead, which can erupt fire—an angry Shiva open his third eye and burn any thing to ashes.

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