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Alienware 17
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Are you not satisfied with your gaming experience on your laptop? Using a gaming laptop can bring about the much needed change you are looking for, so as to immerse yourself completely into the game. A natural question which may come to your mind at this stage is that why should you use a gaming laptop? One of the major plus points of using these machines is that they have a better customization, performance as well as performance in comparison to ordinary laptops. They also come with multiple hard drive options and RAM, and have excellent processing speed. The secret behind the high performance capability of these laptops is the graphics card which is incorporated into the mother board.

But keep one thing in mind. Low quality graphic cards tend to get heated quickly. Therefore, you need to look for the ones which have been specifically made for gaming purpose, such as NVIDIA’s GTX modules. These cards not only stay cooler for a long span of time, but also come with a large amount of video memory. As a result, the pressure on your CPU and RAM will get reduced to a great extent, thereby ensuring the smooth functioning of your system.

The Alienware 17 laptop has gained considerable popularity among users as a top gaming laptop. It has been manufactured using ultra modern technology as well as hardware options available in order to meet the changing preferences of gamers, most of whom are students or young working professionals. It is based on 3 D technology. So, all that you need to do is to plug your laptop into a monitor or 3 D TV in order to intensify your gaming experience.

Dell has equipped this model with color illuminated, customizable keyboard for people who love to enjoy late night gaming sessions almost on a daily basis. Alienware 17 has a battery life between 4-7 hours and its eight or 12 cell batteries are rated between 63-96 watt hours. The base configuration of this model comprises an Intel Core i7-4700 MQ processor. The speed may vary between 3.2-3.8 GHZ.

So, how would how judge the quality of these types of laptops? Most of the existing models in the market are equipped with a third generation processor. Their quad-core CPUs will minimize heating issues on your system. As you increase your cores, you will experience an enhancement in speed in all applications which you will use in the system. Find out whether the one you are buying has at least 500 GB of hard drive space within it or not. Check the speed of the hard drive as well. When it comes down to design, check the keyboard style and screen size well so as to make sure that they match your liking exactly.

In order to have the best widescreen viewing experience possible, you should look for the ones whose display measures at least 17 inches. It would be wise on your part to go for the ones which come with a high resolution because they will ensure that animation looks more alluring and give you a clearer view of landscapes. Most of gaming laptops which you are going to come across in the market are heavier than the normal ones. In case, you are looking for a model of lighter weight, opt for a laptop which weighs somewhere around 8 pounds. Gaming laptops which come from premium brands have multiple memory cards readers and multiple USB ports. Once you start looking for a laptop based on these parameters, you will settle for nothing but the very best.

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