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Wimax Greenpacket DV-235T 3 Antenna
Image of Disassemble MyBro Wimax Greenpacket DV-235T
You know guys I have this MyBro Wimax Greenpacket DV-235T for almost a half year by now. I been using this for blogging, downloading and surfing the web. Unfortunately, the signal of WiMax wasn't good enough to bring me a better connection. So, I came up to dismantle my Greenpacket DV-235T. Then, I use another antenna to make a total of three.

Though, it may look like a transformer but it's awesome. The speed of my internet seems great. No intermittent or connection lost at all.

I hope you like this one, tweaking the hardware to make it better.

Anyway, don't blame me if anything happens while you make a wrong move. All I wanted to share is how to tear-down a MyBro Wimax Greenpacket DV-235T.

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Image of Disassemble MyBro Wimax Greenpacket DV-235T?

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