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Image of Mt. Mayon
Due to heightened alert level 3 of Mayon Volcano. There are 12,000 families expected to be evacuated as volcanic activities worsening.
  • These are families residing at a 6-kilometer permanent danger zone ( pdz ).
  • PDRRMC record shows of 10,000 to 12,000 families are scheduled and subjected to forced evacuation.
  • Such as are from 52 barangays from 6 to 8 kilometers kilometers extended buffer zone.
On the other hand, DepEd already prepared for the contingency plan resuming classes that are affected by the volcanic eruption.

Earlier, Phivolcs - DOST raised the alert Level 3 for 39 rockfall events recorded. Right now, abnormalities of Mayon causes more ashfall that concerning government.

According to Phivolcs , between 5 pm and 8 pm yesterday they tallied 39 rockfall event. Moreover, there were also 32 low frequency volcanic earthquakes that indicate volcanic gas activity .

Consequently, Mayon Volcano is under the unified monitoring across the Phivolcs and authorities.

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