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Here are just a handful of the coolest apps out there.

Action Movie FX

Image of Action Movie FX
Rated Apple's iPhone App of the Year, this app allows you to add incredible special effects-missile strike, alien death rays, and more—to your own videos. Made by Bad Robot Interactive LCC.


Image of Figure
You can create music instantly by swiping to lay down electronic synthesizer, bass, and percussion tracks. An Apple app, made by Propellerhead Software.

Angry Birds Space

Image of Angry Birds Space
Rated the number 1 best selling app in 116 countries, this out-of-this-world version of popular game takes the Bad Piggies and the Angry Birds to Mars. For Apple or Android. Made by Rovio Entertainment Ltd.

Paper by FiftyThree

Image of Paper by FiftyThree
This Apple 2012 Designs Award winner lets you capture your ideas as sketches, diagram, notes, or drawing and share them across the Web, all with just a touch screen. An Apple app, made by FiftyThree Inc.

Paper Camera

Image of Paper Camera
This app can change a photo image into several different kinds of cartoon or painted version. It can be used while a person is taking a picture or applied to already-taken photos. It works with videos too. Made by JFDP Labs Limited.


Create personalized individual greeting cards with your own text and photos. Made by Apple.

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