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Do you have asthma, bronchitis, poor sex drive, and are you living in Peru? If your answer is YES, this unusual drink is for you!

The frog juice produced from Lake Titacaca. And of course, comes from real frogs has become trendy this days. Peruvians believe it heals any affliction.

How to Make Your Own Peruvian Juice

Image of How to Make Your Own Peruvian Juice
It's so easy to prepare. Just get a slimy frog, tap it on the head so it will fall asleep, and peel its skin. Put it inside the blender, fill it with fluid, and boom! You have your own Kermit Smoothie!

According to the vendor, the Frog Juice is good for bones, brain, it can fights anemia, bronchitis, exhaustion and stress. Also, this often take by people who are anemic, claimed to be effective in infection like tuberculosis and respiratory problems.

A woman who drank the Frog Juice said it is good for the children and adults, and its rapidly cure asthma and bronchitis. It contain lots of vitamins and protein.

Is it Safe Doc?

A big deal for the expert to say NO! The Frog Juice did not reached the standards of the Food and Drug Administration to be called as a cure. There is no scientific evidence that this can treat diseases. Still, people in remote areas of Peru likes Kermit Smoothie.

What do you think guys? Are frog smoothies good for consumption? Is it drugs, or poison? Leave your opinions in the comments below.

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