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Restaurants and pubs have become commonplace in every city you visit. They come in all manner of names. The interior designs are elegant too. All this is in an attempt to woo clients. Customers have this habit of switching establishments every time they find something nasty about a place they used to frequent.

Printing Almost Becoming History

All the same, the idea of using printed menus is now on the periphery of becoming history. People are now finding digital signage boards to be most appealing. Come to think of it, if there are changes on the prices of items on sale, how would you reflect this on printed menus?

Flexibility Of Digital Signage

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Thankfully, digital signage can help get you out of this misery. With such signs, you can quickly change prices and even introduce customers to new menu selections. You no longer have to take away all menus from the table and print a new set. If you are running a brand promotion at your pub, for instance, a digital sign will keep revelers informed.

Increased Sales And Higher Profit Margins

At the end of the day, you realize that your sales start increasing. In comparison, printing, marketing and advertising costs go down. Your profit margins soon become something you can smile about. These benefits are just the beginning of things to come.

Getting Creative

The good news is that you can find cheap corporate digital signage to begin with. Digital signage does not remain static. Make sure you add some audio effects and motion. A good example is playing an image of a beer mug filling up and the sound it makes plays in the background.

Whetting Customers’ Appetites

Such images get into the customer’s mind and entice them to go for the item on display. Where you are operating a steak grill outlet, the image of the steak on the grill accompanied with a searing sound is enough to whet a prospective client’s appetite.

Software Integration

You could opt to integrate this with suitable software. What the software does is to keep updating the display depending on how you have programmed it. It offers you many ways through which you can play around with your displays.


The idea here is to make the signage visible to as many customers as you can possibly attract. If you are the cost conscious type, there is no need to be too showy. One or two digital boards could do for a start. Later on, you can graduate to flat screen TVs and other consoles.

Leveraging On Advertising Cost

There is also another way through which you can leverage on digital signage cost. Perhaps you could invite your customers to advertise their businesses on your signage boards. You never know, these customers could also allow you to advertise on their premises too. That is what clever business people do. You could do it free, say, for a month or two and, thereafter, start charging for the space.

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