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Well, in April last year the Kepler Space Telescope discovered a planet outside of our solar system. So far, it seems to resemble our home planet more than any other yet found!
Image of Kepler 186F
The planet was named Kepler 186F. This is the first rocky earth-sized exoplanet ever discovered. It's about 1.1 times the size of Earth and only 500 light-years away.

It orbits on a red-dwarf star from the outer edge amid so-called habitable zone. The ring-shaped region around a star where liquid water could theoretically be present on its surface.

However, being in that region doesn't mean that this new world actually is habitable. For example, both Venus and Mars are in the habitable zone of our Sun. And trust me you do not want to spend your vacation at either one of those places.

Factoid of Kepler 186F

Astronomers have learned some important basics about Kepler 186F.
  • This exoplanet orbits its star once every 130 days.
  • It get as much energy from its star as Earth gets from our Sun.
However, scientists don't know much about the planet's other important qualities, particularly its atmosphere. So, scientists say the Kepler 186F isn't in Earth's twin. It's more like an Earth cousin, that's reminiscent of our planet.

Still, an impressive discovery, right?

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