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Kalibo International Airport
Image of Leah Castro Reginio
A resident from Antique managed to travel to South Korea from Kalibo International Airport without a plane ticket, passport and even a single dime.

Wow, awesome! But is that really possible? Yes it is, I was shocked about this news.

Korean authorities surprised how did Leah Castro Reginio got into South Korea without corresponding travel document by riding Philippine Air Lines (PAL) Flight 490 from Kalibo to Incheon International Airport on Thursday afternoon.

While above the air, PAL crew served food for Reginio like she's a regular passenger, although she hadn't pay for anything.

FREE Flight; From Philippines to Korea!

Airport authorities suspected she had slipped to security cordon, immigration centers and the boarding gate of Kalibo International Airport because of the volume of passengers, mostly tourists in Boracay Island and waiting for their flight.

Because of having a cold temperature inside the plane, she even asked for a blanket and flight stewardess wasn't aware that Reginio was illegally snuck for free ride.

When she arrived at Incheon Airport, Reginio was approached by the Korean airport authorities and they discovered that she has nothing to present, no plane ticket, no passport and more importantly, the money.

While in her process of deportation back to the Philippines, the PAL flight officer refused send back Reginio because she isn't listed in passenger's manifest.

At this point, the Korean authorities reviewed the CCTV footage of the airport and there they saw Reginio while getting off PAL plane at Incheon airport toward 8:45 PM (Korean time).

Right After the Joyride

Happy days of Reginio ended when she was arrested and investigated by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) as she return to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

By asking the woman's relatives, their findings led to something unusual. Reginio is experiencing schizophrenia and she travels from place to place as she did it on Korea, without money and travel documents.

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