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Drew Lutchina himself admitted that he and his comrades posted on his Facebook account using different firing guns in the new year in San Antonio, Narvacan of Ilocos Sur.
Image of Drew Lutchina and Shit Head Squad
According to Lutchina, he and his friends in Facebook viral video affirmatively confirmed! However, he did not intend to share this online.

Justifying himself saying he was sleepy that time due to their poor Internet connection. So, he keeps tapping and clicking the smartphone until he posted pictures of ammunition and guns such as M14 and calibre 45 captured on video while exchanging gunfires.

Meanwhile, Drew did not directly answered why they fired guns in the new year even if it is prohibited by law.

Drew Lutchina Gun Firing Viral Video

In Facebook video, visible men seen firing their guns become "viral" in social media plus added set of photos took as an evidence against them.

You can also watch the video on Youtube about this group of Filipino indiscriminately gun firing during New Year.
Hmmm... I wonder what will happen to them? I mean, how serious would be our authorities to handle this case? This people somehow need to face the consequences of their illegal acts.

Next time, celebrate New Year in much simplest way. Get a booze then just play dead.

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