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A crowdfunding project was launched to market being the world's first personal robot.

The Santa Monica-based company RoboDynamics, Luna was the first human-in-size personal robot designed for day-to-day practical use.
Image of Luna of RoboDynamics
The 5ft robot can accomplish simple tasks such as taking care of pets, drink or serve, while apps "will make Luna endlessly useful".

The goal is to see such robot in every home by the year 2021.

The company believes that Luna can revolutionize robotics, such as PC in the home computing, while the iPhone has revolutionized mobile electronics.

Want to Buy Luna the Robot?

This 'creation' was first published in the news in 2011 and currently have launched a Kickstarter campaign targeting developers to have £320,000 to release it on the market.

According to developers, since founding 11 years ago the mission is to bring robots to the masses. They believe that robots and humans can live and work in harmony together. That’s why created Luna.

The Luna's "early adopters" will get the robot for only £640, instead of the expected £960 price tag, set in December 2015 shipping date.

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