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Philippine National Police (PNP) filed criminal charges against group of civilians fired guns to welcome the new year in Narvacan, Ilocos Sur, that was recently captured in a viral video.
Image of Revealing the Name of those Guys Behind the New Year Gun Firing Viral Video
According to Police Chief PIO P/Superintendent Wilben Mayor, Ilocos Sur PNP identified and positively verified the persons behind gun firings on the mid of New Year's celebration. They are now scheduled to face the liability in alarm and scandal.

Among those seen in the video were:
  • Cesar Lutchina Funtanilla
  • Mark R-Jay Cabana
  • Jumar Cabreros
  • Ian Christopher Calixterio
  • Russel Funtanilla
  • Philip Andrew Lutchina Funtanilla
  • Geronimo Gomez
He said that they also making a further investigation to determine whether guns used by men were licensed, and if not the group may possibly have to deal with illegal possession of firearms.

If these aren't enough, there are other cases that can be filed against them, like;
  • Alarm and scandal because they fired in public place.
  • Illegal discharge of firearms.
  • If not licensed, illegal possession of firearms.
  • If someone was injured or killed, reckless imprudence resulting in physical injury or homicide.

Really, Photos and Video are Not Enough?

However, Mayor clarified that they will conduct a thorough investigation on the incident, while Ilocos PNP are seeking for more witnesses.

They need witnesses to support authenticating the pictures, because it will not stand in itself even that viral video.
Profile under the name of Drew Lutchina uploaded images and video on Facebook shows of high powered firearms and ammonation becomes trending on Facebook.

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